Your journey, my journey

Stay the course




Obstacles do not mean you won’t succeed

Sometimes God gives you ‘shut up” blessings. Its up to you to exercise your faith and possess them. (Joshua 6:1). Just because the obstacles seem insurmountable does not mean you will not obtain what God has promised you.

Jericho was shut up, but God said to Joshua ‘see I have given you Jericho’. What is ‘shut up’ before you today? If He has said it’s yours then you cannot be intimidated by what you see. By God you will possess your promised victory.


Only your dream will work for you

Only your dream will work for you. You cannot live on your friend’s or your parent’s dream (s). Neither can you borrow or exchange dreams. It has to be something born within you, from your belly. Something that you can pour yourself upon to see it succeeding. That is the only dream that will produce mega results for you.

Without a dream or vision your life is incomplete. What dream do you have for your life? Where are you going? If you don’t have an answer search within you. You will experience peace once you have a clear vision for your life.

We fall to stand

Life will knock you down many times. It is not about how many times you fall, but it is about how many times you get up again. Let not the fallen state be your habitation, be determined to stand again and proceed with your journey.

Milo Mlangeni

Its all for your good…

A person’s strength and resilience is developed during hardships, struggles and pain. These are not meant to bury you, but to bring out the strength you never knew you possess. In you there is a victor, a history maker, a mountain mover. Challenges that come your way are perfectly equal to the strength you already possess inside, and they will propel you to unleash your hidden tenacity and power.