Dear Daughter

You are one of a kind; always hold your head high

In life you will be exposed to different people, personalities and characters, Remain true to yourself. Never compromise  your values.

Avoid company of women who gossip about other people’s dress codes, time is too precious for that. Rather seek company of women who talk about ideas and concepts.

Always endeavor to be your better self, not to be better than someone else. Life is not a competition; you have your own unique journey.

Do not hold on to negative emotions, like grudges and bitterness. They will devour and drain you; they will distort the person you are made to be.

Your face will eventually have lines as you get older, they rather be laughing lines. Keep smiling, laughter is like medicine.

A hand washes another hand, always return kindness with kindness, and never forget to be there for friends who have been there for you.

Life will knock you down sometimes. When that happens get on your knees and call upon God, never be too big for God. Never allow yourself to remain down, against all odds get up again and keep going, God will help you.

The wise book says there is time and season for everything. In your dark seasons always remember that the sun will shine again.

The world is your stage. Go be your best.

With love,


5. Discerning your seasons


Never miss the preparation season. There is more power on the ‘behind the scene’ season than the ‘on-stage’ season. If the preparation behind the scene is not done well, the on-stage part will be flawed. Basically:

  • Don’t rush to be out there until you are ready, and it is the right time for you.
  • At times you just have to wait. It seems as if there is not much happening while you wait, but actually there is actually much happening in building and strengthening the person you are.
  • The dream may be too grandeur and you are very excited to see it unfolding, but every dream will always be challenged. If you were not prepared as a person to withstand those storms, you may drop your dream because of the heat that is too much for you to handle.

When the right season, the right opportunity, the right door opens for you; it should find you ready. While waiting it is your season to equip yourself, sharpen your skills, improve yourself. You better be ready to give your all when the right time presents itself.

Agree with God’s timing, it’s always the best.

4. Self-Discipline…..

(Optimize your life series continuation)

Self-discipline is a learned behavior, and not a natural instinct. If discipline is instilled at a young age, as an adult it will seem like one is naturally born like that. Human nature wants to indulge, it seeks comfort and it seeks to satisfy an immediate need. Self-discipline will teach you to wait. It will teach you to deny yourself certain things in order to attain what is of more worth or benefit for your life in the long run.

Self-discipline will teach you to adapt to uncomfortable circumstances; and make the most out of them. There is no hero in sports or arts or any form of talent who had not mastered the art of self-discipline.

To achieve any of your goals you have to master the habit of discipline.  You have to consciously make an effort to practice discipline in whatever area where you see a need, until it becomes second nature to you.

The spiritual way of learning discipline is fasting. While fasting; the goal may be to achieve or accomplish something spiritual, yet the secondary result of the exercise is self-discipline.

To optimize your life you need to discipline yourself in the way you spend time. Plan your activities and train yourself to do them, regardless of how you feel. At the end of the day tick all the activities that you successfully finished as planned, and reward yourself if you achieved what you set out to do. Do this until it becomes second nature to you.

Self-discipline will help you to avoid what could jeopardize your future in the long run. You have no other choice but to learn discipline, as it determines the chances of living the life of your dreams.


OPTIMIZE YOUR LIFE (4)….What is the reason for your existence?

3. Finding your core mission

What is your main reason for existing? It may seem like a great mystery hidden somewhere, but the answer is right there within you.

It is possible to be very busy but with things that are not your main core for existence. Once you get to know the purpose of your life you need to shed all the business of life that is taking you nowhere and prioritize your life calling. Your fulfillment will come from expressing all of you in the beautiful way that only you can do, and leave a mark in your field.

It is great to be handy, available, be of service whenever and wherever the opportunity rises. But considering the resource of time (from the previous post); always make your decisions of using your time effectively based on accomplishing the core mission of your existence.

All your decisions on personal development, career progression, or even settling on a particular location; are easy to make when you know your core mission. Your core mission could be a career, business, artistry, sports, etc. The most exciting accomplishment would be to excel on whatever your core mission is.

Don’t make a mistake of pleasing everyone at the expense of what you are actually here on this earth for.

OPTIMIZE YOUR LIFE (3): where learning stops growth ends, decay kicks in

2. Knowledge / Information

Knowledge is power; and without proper knowledge there is a waste of energy, time and resources. Determine the kind of information, qualification or experience that is required for your endeavor. If you need a University degree or senior degree pursue it. Don’t settle for short cuts.

Get a relevant mentor/coach/role model that have walked the path and they can provide you with valuable advice and guidance in the path that you are taking. Sound council is the integral part of success.

Be a reader; find time to read about your subject of interest. Ignorance is an expensive liability. Ironically the more you read is the more you realise that you don’t know much, but the less you read (expose yourself to information and knowledge) is the more you think you know. Where learning ends growth ends, decay kicks in.

Before embarking on any great task lay a firm foundation; preparation time is the first and foremost step into any journey. Being well prepared enhances your confidence and success is guaranteed.

More info from the book ‘Rising above limitations’

OPTIMIZE YOUR LIFE SERIES (2)…..continuation

  1. Time

Once time is wasted, it has been wasted. Therefore one cannot afford to spend time haphazardly.

It is very easy to keep postponing matters or activities to the next day or week or month, yet all we have is today. Whatever you have to do; now is the time to do it.

To utilize your time fruitfully you must:

  • Set priorities. What is more important and what is more urgent?
  • Avoid a busy (clustered) lifestyle. It is easy to be too busy but have little results. When you find yourself complaining of not having enough time in your day or week, check what you are doing. Is it all worthy of your time? Is it all beneficial to your vision?
  • Plan your entertainment or extramural activities. There is a lot of time wasted by just hanging around or sitting on the couch.
  • Deal with the habit of procrastination. Set yourself deadlines. Set yourself short-term and long-term goals. Never wait for everything to be conducive or for everything to fall into place before pursuing your goals or vision. The perfect moment is now.
  • Start with work and end with play. Rather let play be a form of self-reward after you have successfully completed what you have set yourself to accomplish.
  • Get enough rest. It is useless to spend time working while tired and end up with sub-standard results.
  • Take responsibility of your actions. Always try to account to yourself or to someone close to you. Train yourself to always look inside you; what is it that you could have done better or you should change in order to be a better steward of your time?

You are responsible for the time allotted to you, for the gifts and talents you have, and the great destiny you have before you. Make wise choices.

More info from the book ‘Rising above limitations’


Your success in life depends on how you optimize these things:

  1. Time
  2. Knowledge / Information
  3. Finding your core mission
  4. Self-discipline
  5. Discerning your seasons


Time is a very important resource, once lost it can never be regained. Not everything we are busy with is necessary, not everything we worry about is worthy of our time. To be continued….

Find more info from the book ‘Rising above limitations’