5. Discerning your seasons


Never miss the preparation season. There is more power on the ‘behind the scene’ season than the ‘on-stage’ season. If the preparation behind the scene is not done well, the on-stage part will be flawed. Basically:

  • Don’t rush to be out there until you are ready, and it is the right time for you.
  • At times you just have to wait. It seems as if there is not much happening while you wait, but actually there is actually much happening in building and strengthening the person you are.
  • The dream may be too grandeur and you are very excited to see it unfolding, but every dream will always be challenged. If you were not prepared as a person to withstand those storms, you may drop your dream because of the heat that is too much for you to handle.

When the right season, the right opportunity, the right door opens for you; it should find you ready. While waiting it is your season to equip yourself, sharpen your skills, improve yourself. You better be ready to give your all when the right time presents itself.

Agree with God’s timing, it’s always the best.


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