4. Self-Discipline…..

(Optimize your life series continuation)

Self-discipline is a learned behavior, and not a natural instinct. If discipline is instilled at a young age, as an adult it will seem like one is naturally born like that. Human nature wants to indulge, it seeks comfort and it seeks to satisfy an immediate need. Self-discipline will teach you to wait. It will teach you to deny yourself certain things in order to attain what is of more worth or benefit for your life in the long run.

Self-discipline will teach you to adapt to uncomfortable circumstances; and make the most out of them. There is no hero in sports or arts or any form of talent who had not mastered the art of self-discipline.

To achieve any of your goals you have to master the habit of discipline.  You have to consciously make an effort to practice discipline in whatever area where you see a need, until it becomes second nature to you.

The spiritual way of learning discipline is fasting. While fasting; the goal may be to achieve or accomplish something spiritual, yet the secondary result of the exercise is self-discipline.

To optimize your life you need to discipline yourself in the way you spend time. Plan your activities and train yourself to do them, regardless of how you feel. At the end of the day tick all the activities that you successfully finished as planned, and reward yourself if you achieved what you set out to do. Do this until it becomes second nature to you.

Self-discipline will help you to avoid what could jeopardize your future in the long run. You have no other choice but to learn discipline, as it determines the chances of living the life of your dreams.



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