OPTIMIZE YOUR LIFE (4)….What is the reason for your existence?

3. Finding your core mission

What is your main reason for existing? It may seem like a great mystery hidden somewhere, but the answer is right there within you.

It is possible to be very busy but with things that are not your main core for existence. Once you get to know the purpose of your life you need to shed all the business of life that is taking you nowhere and prioritize your life calling. Your fulfillment will come from expressing all of you in the beautiful way that only you can do, and leave a mark in your field.

It is great to be handy, available, be of service whenever and wherever the opportunity rises. But considering the resource of time (from the previous post); always make your decisions of using your time effectively based on accomplishing the core mission of your existence.

All your decisions on personal development, career progression, or even settling on a particular location; are easy to make when you know your core mission. Your core mission could be a career, business, artistry, sports, etc. The most exciting accomplishment would be to excel on whatever your core mission is.

Don’t make a mistake of pleasing everyone at the expense of what you are actually here on this earth for.


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