OPTIMIZE YOUR LIFE (3): where learning stops growth ends, decay kicks in

2. Knowledge / Information

Knowledge is power; and without proper knowledge there is a waste of energy, time and resources. Determine the kind of information, qualification or experience that is required for your endeavor. If you need a University degree or senior degree pursue it. Don’t settle for short cuts.

Get a relevant mentor/coach/role model that have walked the path and they can provide you with valuable advice and guidance in the path that you are taking. Sound council is the integral part of success.

Be a reader; find time to read about your subject of interest. Ignorance is an expensive liability. Ironically the more you read is the more you realise that you don’t know much, but the less you read (expose yourself to information and knowledge) is the more you think you know. Where learning ends growth ends, decay kicks in.

Before embarking on any great task lay a firm foundation; preparation time is the first and foremost step into any journey. Being well prepared enhances your confidence and success is guaranteed.

More info from the book ‘Rising above limitations’


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