Self Discovery

The best path you can walk is discovering your-self. You are a magnificent, intriguing being. You have both the aahs, and wow’s, that makes you a contrasting yet interesting and wonderful creature. Do not be afraid to know your beauty, and do not fear to know your ugly side. We all have those two, basically known as strengths and weaknesses.

How can you perform in the best of your ability when you are not fully aware of your strengths? Your weaknesses are there to remind you that you are only human, and you do need other human beings in life. Where you are weak there will always be someone in your life who is strong in that area.

It is said that the beauty and purpose of life is only enjoyed once a person finds him/herself. Your self-portrayal is closely linked to what you know about you, and it influences how others regard and inter-act with you. Take this journey and make wonderful discoveries of the gem God created you to be.


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