A personal psalm

I’m made by a master designer
Am the best among the best
I shine my light in the dark sky
That adds beauty to the sight
Of all my fellow stars
I have my maker’s unique genes
That identifies me among the billions

I was sent with a unique mission
That only I can accomplish
My hand and footprints are crafted
That none before or after me can match them
No one can be better than me
Because no one was made to be me
Everywhere I go I add value
That only I can bring

I’m happy to be born in such a time as this
It delights me to wake up and know
That each day is yet another chance
To yield all my treasures within
To the world that’s eagerly waiting
For my true light to shine

Indeed I am fearfully and wonderfully made
And will live my days to the fullest
To be all that my maker made and sent me to be
The best of me compares to none
And for that I am grateful
To the Maker who made me
And had a smile on his face
As He said “This is My best handiwork!”

Except from the book: ‘Rising above limitations’



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