A mind of your own….

Can a person escape conforming? We are all born into it. From the time you are a baby you have to conform to the standards set in your family, then there is school that has strict regulations to conform by. There is nature that does not give you any other choice but to conform, e.g. you cannot change the force of gravity, you can’t do much with sleep patterns – no matter how hard you try when the night time comes your body wants to sleep, and the list is countless.

The difference is that your mind is not limited. We all have our own imaginations, sometimes they bring images of things unheard of, they speak possibilities of a life that nobody else around is living. The mind keeps thinking, creating, going beyond any set rules or standards. It keeps saying ‘you are different, you do not have to be like everybody else’. It refuses to conform, because its there to say you are your own person, in-spite of all the conforming you’ve been initiated into since birth.

We all don’t have to do what we’ve seen other people doing, we are much capable of doing something new and out of this world. When your mind sees it, its possible. Your mind will always see possibilities to invent, to make a difference, to expand, to conquer. The question is, are we willing to follow, or are we comfortable with conforming? The choice lies with each of us…


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