What direction to take in 2015…?


New year’s resolutions seem like a must. Without fail most of us have a list of things we want to accomplish each year. We are energized in the first part of the year to follow them through, but if we fail at some attempts or meet with difficulties we easily slow our pace. By the end of the year we are weary and drained, we feel like we have done so much and have so little to show.

So I ask myself do I need resolutions again? I’m still debating on my mind what should be on my ‘to accomplish’ list and what can wait for next year. I suppose it will be irresponsible of me not to have any resolutions right? I mean, I have my life vision, goals and dreams. These cannot happen on their own, I need to have plans and strategies to see them coming to pass. But to be honest it can be tiring, all the rush and the chase of life can be tiring. At times we put our all, and harvest a little.

So this year I decide to rest. Yes there will be resolutions and all, but more than anything I want to trust God. To trust that He is as much mindful of my desires as I am, actually even more so. To trust that no labor is wasted with Him, not seeing the results now does not mean my actions were in vain, at the right time whatever we do (which is like a putting a seed in the soil) will produce a harvest. To trust in His guidance so that no time and energy is wasted on unnecessary efforts. Let the direction for this year be guided by His supreme wisdom.

Finally I feel peace in knowing that there is no better place to entrust my life in except in the hands of God.


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