1. Identify your insecurities, accept that they are your limitation and decide to overcome.

This is the first step in dealing with any negative pattern in your life. You cannot    overcome the enemy you don’t know.

2. Understand and accept your personality type.

Whatever you were meant to accomplish is connected to your personality. Your personality is your friend not your enemy. Wishing to be somebody else will rob you of attaining your own dreams.

3. Establish your strengths and weaknesses. Rather focus on developing and utilizing your strengths.

Everyone has weakness, no matter how great people they are, even when they are your  idols or role models. Everyone also have strengths. What are yours? Identify them and use them, these are meant to make you shine while weaknesses are there to remind you that you are human after all, no matter how great a person you are.

4. Identify your-self as a person. Who are you?

The above 3 steps will help you know who you are. But then also explore your dreams and aspirations as they are part of who you are. When you know who you are, and you know your mission in life, you have no business of wishing to be somebody else.

5. Consciously refocus your thoughts to the positive in and around you

Low self-esteem makes you focus on all the bad. You need to consciously train your mind to dwell on what is good. You have a lot of good about you and around you. What one good thing has happened to you in this past week?

6. Seek how you can use your uniqueness to your advantage.

How often do you feel different and not fitting?  Being similar to others means that you add nothing new, while your difference, which is actually your uniqueness, is the creator’s unique touch that makes you of value wherever you are. Being unique means that there are things that only you can do and do well.

7. Be well prepared and give your best in whatever that you do.

A well prepared person, doing the best of their ability, is a confident person. Always thrive to give it your all, you will not leave any space for self-doubt.

Milo Mlangeni, Author

More can be found in my book ‘Rising above limitations’ on the link below:




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