Wait a minute, before judging….

It is not prudent to pass judgement on someone when you don’t know their history. Firstly get to know where they’ve been and what they have been through. Then ask yourself how you would have reacted should you have gone through what they went through. The bravery, smile and dignity of a person you see each day is not all about that person. They may be crying every night, only to wake up and put a brave face for the world. They may not have had a decent meal for days, they may not have anyone in the world to talk to. They may have been despised, crushed, disappointed, written off, but they still rise and try to act as normal as possible.

Some of us have been blessed to have lived good lives, and you see those by their amazement when they hear other people’s struggles. They had provision through their lives, moved from their parents to their own homes, had jobs and had all the basic needs in life. They have a testimony that so far their desires and goals have been granted. If you fall in that category please do not despise those who struggle in their lives and their faith walk, who have failed some tests and seem like ‘week’ Christians. You don’t know what they have been through.

Some of us have a history of pain, struggle, fights from all directions. We’ve been hard pressed on all sides but we still stand. To my brothers and sisters who identify with that I say hold on Champion, the sun will shine again. Your story is about to change, don’t you dare give up. Sound advice and counsel will come from you, because you have learned from the university of life. The greatness in you is about to show up. God has not forgotten about you. Keep standing.


8 thoughts on “Wait a minute, before judging….

  1. You are perfectly right, I fall under those people who have not had an easy life but I try to be grateful for the blessings I do have. Sometimes I feel no one understands other times I feel like just giving up. But with bloggers like you, it makes me realise there are others out there, thank you.

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  2. Thanks so much my sister for this words of encouragement. Yes, at times i wonder when the struggles will end. It is well. God bless you and family.

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