Loving yourself and others inspite of…

When you have discovered and accepted yourself it becomes easier to accept others with their imperfections. The intriguing make up of a ‘person’ is that there is imperfection within beauty, fraility within the human strength and willpower, flaws within the magnificent piece called a person.

Self discovery will open you to see all the aspects, but then if you focus on the imperfections you may easily conclude that you have nothing to admirer in you. Yet if you look carefully the imperfections are a tiny fraction within much more perfect beauty, gifts and abilities. In essence human nature tends to look at the tiny part instead of seeing the broader picture, thereby getting dissappointed on weaknesses instead of rejoicing on marvellous strengths (which are actually very much unique to you).

Similarily the more you focus on the beauty in others, the more invisible and pardonable their flaws become.

Psalm 139:14 ‘I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made’ (NKJV)


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