Lifted up by Grace

I had fully comprehended the term ‘grace’, since my becoming a Christian, or so I thought. I had it all together, my prayer life was kind of intact, I observed the basic Christian principles, I was committed to the local church and my walk (in my eyes) was good before the Lord. Whenever I prayed I had a clear conscience to even say ‘Lord, I’ve walked well before you’. I withstood during the trying times and prevailed.

Unfortunately I came to a point where my journey had a sharp turn. I got hard-pressed every side, things I never fathomed were possible to befall committed Christians did happen, and not just for a month or a year. I faced a long period of struggle, and unconsciuosly I began to lose everything. I lost my fervency, prayer life became non-existent, I could lift even a finger in the house of the Lord. I lost all faith, except that I still believed there was God and that Christ died for me. I could’nt tithe or give. I felt so out of space, and became convinced that God did not care anymore.

Nevertheless I saw His unmistaken Divine interventions, He provided, He led my path, He opened doors. I could not pray but I saw answers. When I thought of throwing in the towel He came through and refreshed my soul. Oh what love I felt, finally I fully comprehended the concept of grace. ‘By grace ye have been saved…’ I understood that even when I was already born again my constant walk with Him and everything else I could do was only through the grace of God. The ability to do his will and to please Him only came from Him. The ability to stand, and having done all to keep standing, only came from Him.

I want to encourage any person who may go through the darkest moments of their lives, God still has His eyes on you. It may not seem so, but one day you will know it. You will look back and see that actually He has been holding your hand all along. The sun will shine again, and after hard storms you’ll be able to appreciate His grace even more.

May His grace carry you…..


2 thoughts on “Lifted up by Grace

  1. This is right on time, just like I’m feeling currently, thanks for giving me hope. I’ve reattended church on Sunday first time, feeling disconnected due to all you have said in your blog. Hope to be back fairly soon, I enjoyed reading this especially as I identify with you. Keep going ok.

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