Appreciate who you were made to be

Being comfortable with your self starts with knowing who you are. Its so easy to see the best in others than in one-self. Most of us find it easier to reprimand, criticise and dislike who we are, yet in order to excel in life we need to love, nurture and express what we already are within us. Here are some questions that helps one know him/herself better:

What is your personality type?

What are your strengths? (If not sure ask a couple of friends around you).

What do you enjoy doing / love doing? (You can spend your life doing it even if not paid for it).

As you answer the above cherish what you find, or you already know. You may never be perfect in life but you are the best person ever, no one is exactly like you. Being yourself is vital as nobody can achieve what you were meant to achieve. While appreciating others just take a moment to appreciate you.


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