About self confidence

Sometimes when topics of self-confidence or poor self-image are addressed within Christian circles, these topics are not regarded as of concern: it is assumed that as Christians, our confidence should be in God, not in ourselves. As true as that is, the reality is that, as long as one feels inferior, it is impossible to carry out the instructions that God has given one. This is so with ministry, as much as it is also true about talents and dreams. Until one overcomes the voice that says, “You are nothing, and you can’t”; one will never amount to what one is called to do. 

Talking about regaining self-confidence or overcoming poor self-esteem in no way replaces the truth that we all need to place our confidence in God. All it does is to help us to be free to do the things God created us to do before we were even born. When God approached Gideon to save Israel during the oppression of Midian (Judges 6:11-16), He addressed Gideon as a mighty man of valour. Gideon knew the God of Israel; He knew the mighty acts He is capable of; hence he even asked for specific signs that would prove to him that indeed it was God who was speaking to him. But then not only did God address the issue of Gideon’s trusting in His presence, but he also spoke to the man’s fears.

Gideon had to believe that he (the least of all) was capable of carrying out what God had planned for him. If it was the power of God only that was necessary, He (God) could have approached any man and given them His power to overcome the Midianites; however, God knew the strength within Gideon. He made Gideon believe in himself, as well as in God. This proved the release of one of the greatest leaders that ever lived.


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