Before God created man, He prepared the earth for the provision of man’s needs. The soil was made to produce all kinds of vegetation – trees and all plants for shelter and for medicine; varieties of meat were provided; minerals and precious stones; rivers and the sea; all this and more formed His amazing gift to man. Some of the provision is obvious; some not quite as obvious. When one buys a piece of land one is likely to want to build, to farm the land, and maybe to keep livestock. If the owner of the land is wise, he will want to find out whether there is any wealth hidden on his land. He may look for precious stones or springs that may be there. If he finds these treasures, his land will become more valuable – his finds will bring more wealth to him than he initially imagined.

Not only did God make such preparation on the earth, in each individual there is wealth and provision for one to live his life well-provided for.  Skills and gifts, ability and wisdom, all forms of creativity and strength were given to us by God for our full provision. It is up to each individual to identify his personal wealth. Discovery of such gifts makes one aware that wealth resides both without and within oneself. Greatness is not brought about by riches of material possessions, but by the riches found within each person.

 Unless one believes in oneself, it is impossible to unleash these riches. (EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK RISING ABOVE LIMITATIONS – AUTHOR MILO MLANGENI)

Having a positive self image and thinking right about yourself is therefore critical in fulfilling your purpose in life. Let the Word of God define you, not your past, circumstances or people.


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