One more day

In the darkest of hours

I still believe that if He has given me one more day

There is hope for the light to shine one more time

and faith that this time it will be for keeps



One-Liner Wednesday: Nelson Mandela Quotes – dreamer or winner?

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” Nelson Mandela

One-Liner Wednesday – We speak the same language. I think.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela

“Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.” Nelson Mandela

All dreams remain dreams until they are executed. Will you keep yours as a dream or you’ll do something about it? Make it happen, never give up until it becomes a reality.

What keeps you going?

At the face of discouragement, when all you want is to give up?

Keep your hope, your sun will shine again

Do not lose your faith, Some problems are beyond you but not beyond God

Take each day as it comes

Find one good thing to be thankful for, each day, no matter how tiny it is

Remember that every seed died and got buried before it became a tree, your darkness is not the end…

Make choices based on where you want to be, not on your current circumstances

‘MAY YOUR CHOICES REFLECT YOUR HOPES, NOT YOUR FEARS’                                                Nelson Mandela

seed sprouting

Born to stand out


stand out

By conforming we lose who we are

We try to do what others do, instead of following our inner intuitions. We want to do things as they have always been done.

In order to leave a mark in this world we need to be totally free to be ourselves and express all we do in our own way. It will always be different, and sometimes odd to the norm. But is that not what we are meant to be, to make a difference and leave a mark in this world?

Being unique and different makes one feel like a sore thumb, and over the years we learn to conform in order to have a sense of ‘belonging’. But in an effort to conform we often lose a sense of who we are.

Don’t fight to fit in, but fight to be your authentic self.


Chasing Contentment











Is it a reality or an illusion?

Can one achieve a true state of being content, or is that a chase after the wind?

Do we ever reach a point of having arrived, or every time we arrive we realize there is still more and better?

It seems like a pattern of life is to keep wanting more, better, different…

Is there a point of saying ‘that is all. I have all I ever wanted, I can now stop the chase and enjoy what I have’?

Is the chase a force behind waking up every morning and doing what we do?

Maybe once we stop chasing, we do not settle in a state of contentment, rather complacency?

Would you rather chase or reach a point of complacency? or endeavor to keep the balance?

In all the chase of better income, better houses, better relationships….

lets find moments of appreciating and being grateful for what we already have, that is the most we can do

Finding fulfillment

“Keep in mind that you’ll have true happiness, true fulfillment, not living to get but living to give.” Joel Osteen

There is so much we can give that does not cost money

Smile to brighten someone’s day

Provide a shoulder to cry for the broken-hearted

Be company to the lonely and the rejected

Compliment someone

Give a hand where and when it is needed…

Each day each of us can make someone’s day better