It can only be God

Most often its only when you look back that you wonder how you made it through.

The plot was thick, the verdict was clear, you were supposed to be buried by that hardship. It was the valley of the shadows of death. All hell was waiting to celebrate your downfall and your premature exit from life.

But look at you, you are still standing, stronger than before. You wonder how, you can’t explain where you got the strength to keep going and pull through.

Now you know it can only be God! Not only did He carry you through, He also gave you grace to help your brothers and sisters to make it through. Either by word, song, writing or any format, you can lift somebody who is cast down.

May God’s grace continue to sustain you🙏

You have what it takes to be victorious

There is no difficulty you face that you do not already have capacity within you to overcome. Your challenges will never be beyond your capacity, and their purpose is to demand that strength in you to manifest.

In other words the level of your challenges is equal to the level of your strength, even if you don’t feel like it. If you are not sure of how much you have been given, look at the magnitude of your attacks! You will surely overcome, no matter how dark today is, your morning is coming.

Divine encounters

When you pay a bit more attention you will notice God moments everyday in your life.

No matter the season, there are those divine reminders that God is with you.

Most of the time you could overlook them as coincidences, but they are actually God at work.

Remember to be grateful.

The process of becoming

We are all work in progress, at different stages of our journey.

While in the process of becoming, sometimes its difficult to understand why you face what you face, but God promises that the end will be greater than the beginning.

Philippians 3:13 “….but one thing I do, forgetting those things that are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead.”


Hope for tomorrow

”Without battles, I would not know my inner strength

Through weaknesses, I discovered my capabilities

My inner treasures were unearthed in times of adversity

It is in conflict that my character was tested

It is in my shame that His grace became evident

It is in darkness that I learned the power of light…’

Poem excerpt from the book ‘strength for today hope for tomorrow’

To all the young women_you are meant to stand out!

Dear young lady

You are extraordinary, do not be afraid to stand out

Don’t be afraid to be unique

Don’t be afraid not to fit in

Be willing to chase your wildest dreams

Be willing to make a difference, not only in your environment, but to the ends of the world

Don’t be scared to have unimaginable dreams

Dreams that seem far beyond you

Don’t be scared that it has never been done before

God did not make a mistake when He put a big vision on you

He believed in you, He believed that you can rise above all limitations and attain all your dreams

It’s an extraordinary mandate Because God wanted you to be extraordinary

You are not meant to be average

Rise to be what your creator made you to be

It is built inside you and only you can do it

Don’t let fear hold you back

There is a reason it is you who have that dream

It is because you have capacity to make it a reality

God would not give you a vision without capacity

You are meant to shine, to stand out, to be unique and to accomplish what is humanly impossible

With God on your side it will be possible

Rise up young woman of South Africa

God is looking for extraordinary women

Who will be history makers

You are that woman, this is your time

Rise above limitations and be all that God made you to be.

Happy women’s month❤

You stand out before God

In billions of feet walking on earth, He knows your every fall;

In litres of tears shed each day, He knows the one that dropped from you

He takes time to think of you and those thoughts are great!

Actually He can’t wait for you to discover the greatness that’s in you

In the vastness of all creation you still stand out to Him, isn’t that amazing! Jer 29:11

Don’t keep your head down, look up child of God, you are loved perfectly in your imperfections!