To all the young women_you are meant to stand out!

Dear young lady

You are extraordinary, do not be afraid to stand out

Don’t be afraid to be unique

Don’t be afraid not to fit in

Be willing to chase your wildest dreams

Be willing to make a difference, not only in your environment, but to the ends of the world

Don’t be scared to have unimaginable dreams

Dreams that seem far beyond you

Don’t be scared that it has never been done before

God did not make a mistake when He put a big vision on you

He believed in you, He believed that you can rise above all limitations and attain all your dreams

It’s an extraordinary mandate Because God wanted you to be extraordinary

You are not meant to be average

Rise to be what your creator made you to be

It is built inside you and only you can do it

Don’t let fear hold you back

There is a reason it is you who have that dream

It is because you have capacity to make it a reality

God would not give you a vision without capacity

You are meant to shine, to stand out, to be unique and to accomplish what is humanly impossible

With God on your side it will be possible

Rise up young woman of South Africa

God is looking for extraordinary women

Who will be history makers

You are that woman, this is your time

Rise above limitations and be all that God made you to be.

Happy women’s month❤

You stand out before God

In billions of feet walking on earth, He knows your every fall;

In litres of tears shed each day, He knows the one that dropped from you

He takes time to think of you and those thoughts are great!

Actually He can’t wait for you to discover the greatness that’s in you

In the vastness of all creation you still stand out to Him, isn’t that amazing! Jer 29:11

Don’t keep your head down, look up child of God, you are loved perfectly in your imperfections!

You are never forsaken

‘He clothes my shame with honor

Covers my nakedness with goodness

So that in my weakness He is my strength,

my shelter in the rain….’ Book excerpt (strength for today hope for tomorrow)

In your lowest and loneliest seasons of life,

you are never alone.

Remember God transcends the physical senses,

you won’t always feel His presence but He will never forsake you.

Can you trust God?

Lets talk about trusting God.
Trust means that even when you have prayed deeply, yet things get worse instead of getting better, you still trust that He has all under control and He will come through for you.

How is your trust when there is no immediate provision?
How about when you lose all you have, are you able to trust that He loves you enough not to let you be destroyed?
When declarations seem not to be producing results, your trust in God keeps you standing.

Trust in God is dependent on your belief in His unconditional love. May you find strength to trust God until you see His manifest goodness.

Wilderness to greatness

Every time God allows a wilderness in your life He is actually calling you to step aside,

cos there is a depth you can only reach when its only you and Him.

As you seek Him your eyes will be opened to see streams you never knew existed,

you get a deeper revelation of your authority in Christ.

As you go deeper you get a divine mandate that defines your destiny and you come out stronger and well equipped to conquer.

Don’t allow yourself to stop in feelings of frustration and bitterness that comes with being in the wilderness.

Get beyond these physical feelings to the purpose of the wilderness, which is a divine encounter with God.

(Excerpt from the new book: Strength for today, hope for tomorrow. Free read on Amazon)

You can hope again

Sometimes you stop expecting good because you have been experiencing a string of problems for a long time. You reached a point where you don’t want to raise your hopes, only to be disappointed again.

Here is your word: that season of disappointments is being replaced by a season of breakthrough upon breakthrough. You can hope again! God said ‘I will hasten it in its time…’ Isaiah 60:22.

It is that time, you are about to see God’s goodness!

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity

I found myself reflecting on what the Preacher felt when he wrote this statement: “Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 1:2).

The year had a painful beginning for me. In a space of four weeks I lost my best friend and my mother. My friend’s death was due to Covid-19, whilst my mom’s was due to natural causes after a long critical illness. Many persons and families have lost their loved ones rather unexpectedly during this time of Covid-19. The grief has been overwhelming, and has created fear of the unknown to many.

It all happened so swiftly, while trying to get to terms with unexpectedly losing a close friend, I had to face the loss of my mother. Questions of worth of life crossed my mind. How we wake up and work through the days and weeks and months trying to collect what means a living to us, it can just go like that and everything we have been doing all our lives does not count or matter anymore.

I ponder on whether the Preacher was experiencing some hopelessness, or even was close to depression? was there tangible loss in his life that made him feel like everything is just vanity? Personally I found myself with similar thoughts, wondering if all the effort we actually put in life is really worth it. In the dull numbness of loss my creativity stalled, and I found it difficult to even express myself in writing as I normally would.

But then what triggered my resolve to keep moving is the fact that the very people I lost were living purposeful lives. They were not just waiting for the day to die, death came while they had plans and were making each day worthwhile. That is also what they would have wanted me to do, that I do all I can while I have the now. In order to keep moving I realized once more that I should keep my hope for the future, even though it seems a painful one with my loved ones gone. Moreover it is important to keep my faith in God, knowing that He is God of both the living and the dead. Those who have passed on are only away from the physical world, but they are still in the presence of God wherever they are, (for to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord, 2 Cor 5:8).

Maybe you are one of the people who have lost loved ones during this painful season. What is one thing that has kept you going and hoping for a better future regardless of your loss?

I pray that God strengthens us and help us see the light in the midst of all the hardships surrounding us. Shalom.

It’s already in you…

God did not leave any person empty handed.

Don’t allow anyone to intimidate you because of what you don’t have.

If you don’t have academic prowess you do have entrepreneurial grace, creative gifts, technical abilities, or other….

Build on what you have been given and find your way to fulfilling your unique destiny.

Wishing you a fruitful year ahead.